Q: What is the site intended for?

A: The site enables you to find a 3D modeling developer for 3D printing, and the ability to offer your own services as a painter.


Q: Is this website only for 3D printing?

A: Although the main profile of this website is 3D printing, you can place and order here 3D printing that applicable to any branches.


Q: May I offer my services of 3D printing on this website?

A: Of course, besides graphic artists and those who needs the graphics, the website offers to companies dealing with 3D printing to place on the site their accounts and portfolio.


Q: What is Catalog section?

A: In this section the different 3D models which can be free downloaded from this website are displayed.


Q: What is Orders section?

A: In this section the work requests are displayed. Each of them has short technical requirements, needed drawings, sketches, photos and other necessary information for graphic artist. The price, deadline are indicated as well.


Q: What is Freelancers section?

A: This section is intended for display of personal cards of all freelancers. In this section you can find the executant with the desired level and qualification.