How it Works

The principal task of site is rendering a site for those who wants to receive 3D-model foruse, but has no skill for drawingin 3D environment and for those whoknows how to draw and wants to offer own services.

To those who wants to order the model, it is necessary to be aware of your ultimate objective. It might be good to have pictures, drawings, photos of wishful object. Where as in some cases it will suffice to have a sketch or word description. But you shall remember that the more you describe the wishful think, the more properly a graphic artist can reproduce this think in graphic form. There are two ways of search of executant:

  1. You can arrange your order for execution in Orders section.Press 'Post a job'. Fill out the form and enclose the required files.
  2. Wait until graphic artist answers your poster.

And other way:

  1. You can find a certain executant in Freelancers search or in relevant browsing portion.
  2. In Freelancers portion you will see different users having drawing skills. You can understand the level of their training according to portfolio.
  3. You can contact this executant by pressing the tile of any one of them.

If you are graphic artist and want to offer your services, you are needed, first of all, to log in. Fill out the form as promptly as possible with your works in portfolio.

You can add your work to Catalog. It will be displayed in the search.

If you search a job, enter the portion Orders. There are displayed the latest requests for execution.